Friday, June 1, 2012

Meatball Factory reopens with new menu

Walking across East 14th Street late morning today, I was surprised to see doors flung open and tables being set at the recently closed  Meatball Factory on the corner of Second Avenue. Signage was  unchanged, so the first thing I wanted to know was the name of the new restaurant.

Here's the story: After the brief  Hole Foods  pop-up deal ended,  the space reopened about two weeks ago as, well,  what it used to be -- The Meatball Factory, but with some management changes, decor color enhancements and, most notably, a new, less-meatball-centric menu. You can still get traditional meatballs and pizza, but how about fajitas and quesadillas or maybe selections from the seafood raw bar?  Beverages also reflect the new menu, with sake and sangria added.
The Meatball Factory at 231 Second Avenue & 14th Street.
The Meatball Factory serves dinner daily and, for now, lunch on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, according to Chris, the manager.  He said  since reopening, business has been "steady and increasing." Good Luck! this time around.  < Story & photo by Callie B.>

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